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Kimaya – A page for and of your kid..

Kimaya…Yes, its another facebook page. Again seeking for likes…again sharing of photos, information, updates everyday…But this time, this area is strictly restricted only for kids. Yes…Kimaya is a space for children to share photos of their creativity, drawings etc. Here, you will find information updated by the parents regarding problems / solutions or some different or funny experiences while teaching or spending time with their children. This space will be fully utilized by parent for better growth of their kids and also give a showcase to their creativity.

I welcome all the parents of having kids of age group between 1 to 10 years to use this best platform of communication for the twinkling stars……

Pagelink : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kimaya/468024333255887


Are you a proud “personal’ Indian or “social” Indian?

What is this “personal” or “social” Indian? Do not go anywhere to find the meaning of this or you will not get that anywhere on the internet as these are my own “innovative” (lol) concepts.

This came into my mind when I was reading the news paper today in the morning. It was about the things happening in Maharashtra since last 2 days. The Cirque happened at CST and Mr. Raj Thakrey’s rally against it. It was really great that by avoiding all the rules, he lead the rally which was supported by lakhs of people. But what those people are doing to whom we selected to lead the nation? Here, I have to clarify that I do not belong to any specific party and hardly interested in politics. But when it comes to the level of very common man, then I must think. The authorities are not at all supporting Thakrey to take this step, instead they are stopping him. The police persona who came infront and supported Thakrey by giving a rose, can you imagine that person got arrested for some time. And now the authorities are saying that he is mentally retired where as the person is on duty since 1 year. “Is he rally a policeman?” is also a big question that authorities have been raised which is actually  I Think to divert the case and also to cover self mistakes.

This is a “social” India I am talking about. This is not the first case happening here where politician behave like this. When a kid at Gurgaon fall into an open manhole and died on her birthday, the authorities there said, that people should inform to the related department in that area about it, how would we know that there is an open manhole. And there are lots of more examples too…

Now you must have got the concept of “social” Indian. Are you still saying to be a proud “Social” Indian?

Personally, I try to do everything which I can for my country. Of course the work starts from my home and area. I teach my kid too. I am very much proud to say that I am “personal” Indian. And I wish that very soon, I will remove these 2 concepts from my mind and say that yes, I am proud to be an Indian.

Now, tell me, your views on the this and which category you are into?


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Shah Rukh banned from entering Wankhede for 5 years…you agree?

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Dauda Dauda bhaga bhaga sa…

I am sure you remember this song from the film ‘Chachi 420’.  In this song Kamal Hasan plays 2 roles and shown he runs here and there to make it done. Now you must be wondering why I am telling all this to you.  Because, now a days, my situation is same as Dauda Dauda bhaga bhaga sa………..

My all maids have gone to enjoy their holidays at the same time.(Is it their plan against me???…dont know)  Now, you must have understood. In the morning, first bai comes is our poliwali bai. From today, she has gone to her ‘gaon’ for 15 days. So this is my first role. I do prepare the aata in the night only and then I do poli in the morning. So, from today, I am getting up 30mins before my regular time..(feeling sleepy now )…

Then our driver comes around 9.30. But he is also on leave as his father is not well since a week. Don’t worry, I do not drive…But then, I have to run again to catch the auto. I do have many competitors in this. When an auto arrives, min. 4-5 people ask for their destinations to that autowala. Then autowala takes 2-3 mins to think where he will go. If your luck is with you, at first attempt you will get the auto. Or else, run behind next….& next….& next

Third role is our regular kamwali bai. She has also gone to her gaon for a week to enjoy with her family. We have called another bai on temporary basis..but then she is the queen of everything. If she wants, she will come early in the morning, or in the afternoon or sometimes Sutti…So, when requires, I have to wash all or some bhandi’s. And she (desperately) takes the leave when I too have the leave..so……., no need to tell you further.

And how do I forgot my dear Aashay in my dauda dauda bhaga bhaga sa…This is my regular role. I always run behind him while he is having his dinner, he is wearing cloths and many more. His favorite time is , when we returns from his doctor (we use to see his doctor almost everyweek for regular checkup), from the clinic to home, he runs ahead and I follow him to the complete way…

Now that’s it…I am tired..Hope you people have enjoyed my run..

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A thought which inspires me

“Swaroop paha, Vishwaroop pahu naka” : was our lesson in 9th standard in Marathi. Actually, it took a bit time for me to understand the meaning of this(in 9th standard, pls consider understanding level.), but once I got it, I am following this thought till the date and for ever.

It means (for non-maharashtrians) , always look into yourself first rather than saying what others have done. Question yourself first before pointing to others. All WH type questions will answer you and give you a satisfactory reason and confidence to point out someone else.

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Do you think…????

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My food corner

For the very first time, I am writing something about my cooking. I am not so much fond of it. It’s totally depending on my mood. I like to eat rather than cooking. But being as a housewife (married women must play this role too even if she is working), this is an unavoidable thing which will never be apart. Anyway, but sometimes I really enjoy cooking a lot.

Today, I am going to share with you recipe.  Don’t’ worry, it’s not innovated by me and I use to do it many times at home. Latest by yesterday only.  So, you can also try. It requires very less preparation time and tastes like very spice.

Shev-Bhaji – 4 persons
Preparation time : 30mins

Ingredients : Thick shev specifically meant for shev-bhaji, 2 onion,  garlic paste,  5-6 tomatoes , red chili powder, coconut, Shev-bhaji masala, coriander for garnishing

Method : Make puree of tomatoes, coconut and onions. Heat the oil. Add garlic paste and wait for some time. Add puree of tomatoes. Then add water as per your need. Add salt, chili powder and shev-bhaji masala as per your taste. Let boil the mixture for some time. Put finely chopped coriander on it.

Serving method : Take the gravy in a bowl and put shev on it. Have spicy Shev-bhaji witn Bread.

This is a very quick recipe. You will need max. half an hour to make this.

Try and let me know your feedback.