My Profession

Do you think…????


Surviving in Social Media

Since last 15 days, due to some and other reasons, I am highly connected with social media. There are many platforms in social media to work on like facebook, twitter, linked in, blogging etc. But I am connected with hardly some of them. It’s really a big challenge to survive in this world. You need […]

My new learning

Even tough having a full tight schedule in the office now a days,  I am enjoying my work a lot. I am learning a complete new structure of web designing. Our boss suddenly declared that from now onwards all the sites will be designed and developed in liquid layouts and this is exactly what I […]

My Creations…

Apart from being as a web designer/ developer, I like to do some graphic work also. Most of the time, In my family,  I give gifts customized by my designs.  Designing is my hobby and It gives immense pleasure to gift such things.  Have a look on some of my creations. I hope you will […]

Funniest Badly-Translated Ads

Being a part of an advertising agency, I daily come across the words like creativity, pitch, campaigns, ideas, concepts, out of the box thinking etc etc. We usually discuss on the new TVCs, advertising campaigns, banners and all. We have a very good creative team which always comes up with some new concepts and designs. […]

Happy New Year

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