Are you a proud “personal’ Indian or “social” Indian?

What is this “personal” or “social” Indian? Do not go anywhere to find the meaning of this or you will not get that anywhere on the internet as these are my own “innovative” (lol) concepts.

This came into my mind when I was reading the news paper today in the morning. It was about the things happening in Maharashtra since last 2 days. The Cirque happened at CST and Mr. Raj Thakrey’s rally against it. It was really great that by avoiding all the rules, he lead the rally which was supported by lakhs of people. But what those people are doing to whom we selected to lead the nation? Here, I have to clarify that I do not belong to any specific party and hardly interested in politics. But when it comes to the level of very common man, then I must think. The authorities are not at all supporting Thakrey to take this step, instead they are stopping him. The police persona who came infront and supported Thakrey by giving a rose, can you imagine that person got arrested for some time. And now the authorities are saying that he is mentally retired where as the person is on duty since 1 year. “Is he rally a policeman?” is also a big question that authorities have been raised which is actually  I Think to divert the case and also to cover self mistakes.

This is a “social” India I am talking about. This is not the first case happening here where politician behave like this. When a kid at Gurgaon fall into an open manhole and died on her birthday, the authorities there said, that people should inform to the related department in that area about it, how would we know that there is an open manhole. And there are lots of more examples too…

Now you must have got the concept of “social” Indian. Are you still saying to be a proud “Social” Indian?

Personally, I try to do everything which I can for my country. Of course the work starts from my home and area. I teach my kid too. I am very much proud to say that I am “personal” Indian. And I wish that very soon, I will remove these 2 concepts from my mind and say that yes, I am proud to be an Indian.

Now, tell me, your views on the this and which category you are into?



2 comments on “Are you a proud “personal’ Indian or “social” Indian?

  1. nicely said.. jst a thought..u can be a social indian but be for good cause..well the first question is r u a indian ..coz every politician is working for state only not for country .. 🙂

  2. are u sure they work for even state? I think they work for themselves….

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