Kimaya – A page for and of your kid..

Kimaya…Yes, its another facebook page. Again seeking for likes…again sharing of photos, information, updates everyday…But this time, this area is strictly restricted only for kids. Yes…Kimaya is a space for children to share photos of their creativity, drawings etc. Here, you will find information updated by the parents regarding problems / solutions or some different […]

Are you a proud “personal’ Indian or “social” Indian?

What is this “personal” or “social” Indian? Do not go anywhere to find the meaning of this or you will not get that anywhere on the internet as these are my own “innovative” (lol) concepts. This came into my mind when I was reading the news paper today in the morning. It was about the […]

Shah Rukh banned from entering Wankhede for 5 years…you agree?

Dauda Dauda bhaga bhaga sa…

I am sure you remember this song from the film ‘Chachi 420’.  In this song Kamal Hasan plays 2 roles and shown he runs here and there to make it done. Now you must be wondering why I am telling all this to you.  Because, now a days, my situation is same as Dauda Dauda […]

A thought which inspires me

“Swaroop paha, Vishwaroop pahu naka” : was our lesson in 9th standard in Marathi. Actually, it took a bit time for me to understand the meaning of this(in 9th standard, pls consider understanding level.), but once I got it, I am following this thought till the date and for ever. It means (for non-maharashtrians) , […]

My food corner

For the very first time, I am writing something about my cooking. I am not so much fond of it. It’s totally depending on my mood. I like to eat rather than cooking. But being as a housewife (married women must play this role too even if she is working), this is an unavoidable thing […]

Happy Padva!!!

Hello, Wish you all a very happy Gudi Padva!!! May this year brings a healthy and prospers life to you. Sayali