A year of experience in Tree House

Once again, tree house gave me a life time memory of Aashay’s performance in his first gathering. It was an occasion of an Annual Day of the year.  They have already gave me the sweetest experience of fashion fiesta. It’s speechless to see your kid performing on a big stage in a dance and fashion […]

Flop days…funny days

Today again, it reminds me, that those days which I want to make memorable getting listed in my flop days. I call it as funny experiences in life and today’s flop idea inspired me to write a blog post on it…this is again funny…anyway.. Today is vinayak’s birthday. I had kept a sweet greeting card […]

Beginning of the new year…

First of all, wish you a great beginning of the new year… My new year has been started very energetic and cheerful…got refreshed by the 31st night out with friends and now again new hopes and expectation from the life. First 2 days of this year are going exactly as expected. On the very first […]

I wish in 2012…

I wish in 2012, –          I will start handling my individual projects in website designing/ development –          Vinayak carries the same job –          A big birthday blast for Aai (Nashik), on her 61st birthday from me n Tai –          A tour to Rajasthan –          Aashay will eat maggi by spoon and poli by hand. (currently, […]

2 Days to go…

December was really with full of fun and shopping. Enjoyed a lot. And now only 2 days to go…I am too much excited for my 31st party booked at Arnala beach resort, Virar. After a long time having such fun with friends. We 3 couples are going with 3 kids. All kids know each other […]