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Happy Padva!!!


Wish you all a very happy Gudi Padva!!! May this year brings a healthy and prospers life to you.



Surviving in Social Media

Since last 15 days, due to some and other reasons, I am highly connected with social media. There are many platforms in social media to work on like facebook, twitter, linked in, blogging etc. But I am connected with hardly some of them.

It’s really a big challenge to survive in this world. You need highly interactive and creative ideas to keep user engage on your page.  I am not a successful person in social media , but still want to give you some tips which I have learnt from my ongoing experience.

  1. Always try to give different look and feel: Because, people have so many options available on the internet on the same topic you have chosen. If they don’t feel anything new or interesting in your posts, then there are hardy chances of that user to visit your page again.
  2. User engagement: This is very important thing to think of. Keep user engage by adding polls, contests. Encourage them to participate by giving offers, gifts, prizes. So, that they will keep checking your page frequently.
  3. Time to post: Timing is also an important factor. Keep office timings in your mind. People generally checks the update when they are on the way, or in office before starting their work and in lunch time. So try to post your information at the beginning of the day. That means between 10 to 11 and in lunchtime between 1 to 3. So when people will visit your page, your post will be up front.

These are some of the point which I noticed. Earlier I was using it just to be in touch with family and friends. But there are lots of interesting things hidden for an individual and for business purpose.  Surf your internet and check out that hidden knowledge. This will help you a lot.

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A year of experience in Tree House

Once again, tree house gave me a life time memory of Aashay’s performance in his first gathering. It was an occasion of an Annual Day of the year.  They have already gave me the sweetest experience of fashion fiesta. It’s speechless to see your kid performing on a big stage in a dance and fashion show at this very little age.

Its about one and half year of Aashay being there. Initially, I kept Aashay there for a day care. I remember, the first day when I left Aashay , he was continuously crying and when I asked them if I can wait outside, they told me, he is now our responsibility, don’t worry, go home. And really after 15 days Aashay started enjoying his days with teachers and other children. He used to be happy to go there.

I would specifically like to mention that Tress house always kept a link between them and parents.  In his academic year of playgroup, they arranged the programs like mother-child sing along. We, all mothers were more excited at that time, than our kids. After that, I started signing the poems with actions at home, which is now a real enjoyment for Aashay. He likes poems very much as he spends lot of time with his books. Of course, credit goes to Tree house.

I would have never expected from my 2 years old child to wear his shoes by his own. But, he does. Whenever we go out, he wears it. He knows which side shoe will go in which leg. I would never expect him to speak in English. I want him to understand his mother tongue first. But he has learnt from the environment, his friends and teachers. He was expected to throw his toys everywhere and keep as it is whenever he is done. He throws, but when he done with playing, he keeps that again back to its place. I have experienced this in tree house only when I went to pick him up after school. He asked me to wait, he keeps his toys at their places and came to me.  All the above things, I never taught him. I know, he has learnt from the surroundings where he spends all his day.

I am sure, you may think that, he may lose his childhood by having some discipline at this stage. But what’s wrong when he is learning with lots of FUN and enjoying everything what he learns.  Tree house made it.

I really had a very good experience with treehouse as they really care for my child. They improved his eating habits by forcing me to keep changing his Tiffin with nutritional food.  We were quite doubtful to pay a big amount of fees the fees were three times than the other pre-schools. But now at the end of the year, we are very happy feeling worth of paying big amount.

This does not mean, Aashay is very good at all levels. He does lot of ‘Masti’.  He shouts at home, he never says sorry to anyone, he hardly gives batting to his baba while palying bat ball; so they fight, he took half an hr atleast to have a cup of milk and many things which always helps me a lot to lose my weight. But its ok, there must be something like this to feel a presence of a kid in your home.

I am very happy that my child has enjoyed his first school. God Bless you dear!!!

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What is your comment on this?


Our Rajasthan tour…

Just coming back from the wonderful holidays with the family after a long time. We went to Rajasthan for a week and enjoyed a lot there.

We roamed in around 6 cities. Rajasthan is full of Havelis, Mahals, forts and museums.  All the mahals are full of decorative work and beautiful architecture. I liked Shish Mahal, Jaipur and Umaid Bhavan, Jodhpur the most.  Shish mahal is made of lots of small glasses. It is a mahal of Jodha (Jodha-Akbar).  The mahal also having a room which is fully made of the gold. You can see a beautiful work of gold at flooring, ceiling and everywhere in that area.

Umaid Bhavan is a haveli where still the generation of  king Umaid is leaving. There are 80 rooms in havieli out of which they made museam in 3 rooms and those are open to public. The havile having beautiful garden around. They have also kept king’s cars of old model which are still in working conditions. Once in a month, a mechanic comes from an England for its maintenance.

Camel ride was the most exciting thing we enjoyed at Jaisalmer.  We had almost 2 Km ride from our tent to desert area. There was a huge area of sand. We took a complete round of the full area. Aashay enjoyed like nothing on camel. He asked camel to run and he really enjoyed when camel was running.  He again forced us to take a ride at Udaipur, when he saw the camel on road as so we did.

Overall, Rajsthan is good but I recommend the visit of 4-5 days..nothing more than that. Because after that you may feel boar seeing those havelis and forts again and again. The season for the tour starts from October and ends at march. Also, I found, it has become very much commercial as so many foreigners visit the place every day.  They are charging lots of entry fees, extra money for cameras, different charges for Indians and foreigners etc. Anyway,

So now, I have been refreshed for the routine again and so on. Back to routine—back to work… 🙂

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My new learning

Even tough having a full tight schedule in the office now a days,  I am enjoying my work a lot. I am learning a complete new structure of web designing. Our boss suddenly declared that from now onwards all the sites will be designed and developed in liquid layouts and this is exactly what I was waiting for. ( for my colleague readers,  this does not mean that after learning this will say goodbye to my job.).

I, myself  was also fed up with the box layout and everyday same structure to develop. (Frankly,  I realized this  after started working on liquid layouts). Of course, readers who are not from the web background must not understand what I am talking about. But websites have become a part of our day to day life, hence,  will tell you about it in a very short and  simple language’ just for your information’.

There are 2 types of websites. Static websites and liquid websites. Static website which a has fix width and covers a fix portion of the screen. We can also call it as a box type websites. Where as liquid websites covers full screen irrespective of resolutions set for your pc. Simple examples are, facebook is a liquid layout. Design appears end to end at the screen. Where as yahoo.com is a box layout with fix width and covers fix portion of your screen.

Everyday, new trends are coming in the market. New coading, scripts, effects are hugely available on the internet. I google the information when time permits but still I feel there is many more to do. The latest news I got, that ipad, iphone, tablet do not support flash which is a very popular software in the market. But if these technology will not support it, what is the use of making websites in flash and giving some trendy animation into it. But immediately solutions have come up in the market. Jquery is replacing flash. Hope, I will get into it soon.

So, guys, these are some news from my profession. Hope I have increased a very little knowledge of you by sharing my new learning..


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Again Overloaded

Hi Guys, again overloaded with the office stuff….so no new update..

But will be back shortly with a new topic….

Till then, take care, bye