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Dauda Dauda bhaga bhaga sa…

I am sure you remember this song from the film ‘Chachi 420’.  In this song Kamal Hasan plays 2 roles and shown he runs here and there to make it done. Now you must be wondering why I am telling all this to you.  Because, now a days, my situation is same as Dauda Dauda bhaga bhaga sa………..

My all maids have gone to enjoy their holidays at the same time.(Is it their plan against me???…dont know)  Now, you must have understood. In the morning, first bai comes is our poliwali bai. From today, she has gone to her ‘gaon’ for 15 days. So this is my first role. I do prepare the aata in the night only and then I do poli in the morning. So, from today, I am getting up 30mins before my regular time..(feeling sleepy now )…

Then our driver comes around 9.30. But he is also on leave as his father is not well since a week. Don’t worry, I do not drive…But then, I have to run again to catch the auto. I do have many competitors in this. When an auto arrives, min. 4-5 people ask for their destinations to that autowala. Then autowala takes 2-3 mins to think where he will go. If your luck is with you, at first attempt you will get the auto. Or else, run behind next….& next….& next

Third role is our regular kamwali bai. She has also gone to her gaon for a week to enjoy with her family. We have called another bai on temporary basis..but then she is the queen of everything. If she wants, she will come early in the morning, or in the afternoon or sometimes Sutti…So, when requires, I have to wash all or some bhandi’s. And she (desperately) takes the leave when I too have the leave..so……., no need to tell you further.

And how do I forgot my dear Aashay in my dauda dauda bhaga bhaga sa…This is my regular role. I always run behind him while he is having his dinner, he is wearing cloths and many more. His favorite time is , when we returns from his doctor (we use to see his doctor almost everyweek for regular checkup), from the clinic to home, he runs ahead and I follow him to the complete way…

Now that’s it…I am tired..Hope you people have enjoyed my run..


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