Surviving in Social Media

Since last 15 days, due to some and other reasons, I am highly connected with social media. There are many platforms in social media to work on like facebook, twitter, linked in, blogging etc. But I am connected with hardly some of them.

It’s really a big challenge to survive in this world. You need highly interactive and creative ideas to keep user engage on your page.  I am not a successful person in social media , but still want to give you some tips which I have learnt from my ongoing experience.

  1. Always try to give different look and feel: Because, people have so many options available on the internet on the same topic you have chosen. If they don’t feel anything new or interesting in your posts, then there are hardy chances of that user to visit your page again.
  2. User engagement: This is very important thing to think of. Keep user engage by adding polls, contests. Encourage them to participate by giving offers, gifts, prizes. So, that they will keep checking your page frequently.
  3. Time to post: Timing is also an important factor. Keep office timings in your mind. People generally checks the update when they are on the way, or in office before starting their work and in lunch time. So try to post your information at the beginning of the day. That means between 10 to 11 and in lunchtime between 1 to 3. So when people will visit your page, your post will be up front.

These are some of the point which I noticed. Earlier I was using it just to be in touch with family and friends. But there are lots of interesting things hidden for an individual and for business purpose.  Surf your internet and check out that hidden knowledge. This will help you a lot.


4 comments on “Surviving in Social Media

  1. I like this post Sayali. I follow your page and really like what you are doing there. One of the aspects of social media that I find most challenging is – Being on the scene.What I mean to say is to get the maximum out of any medium, you must be on the scene, you must blog, tweet, link (assuming it is linkedin), post updates on FB, G+ etc. all the time. Regular updates ensure your readers remember you. It is a daunting task but yes, has tremendous benefits.
    Thanks for a nice post, I like to read your insights on such wonderful topics.

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