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A year of experience in Tree House

Once again, tree house gave me a life time memory of Aashay’s performance in his first gathering. It was an occasion of an Annual Day of the year.  They have already gave me the sweetest experience of fashion fiesta. It’s speechless to see your kid performing on a big stage in a dance and fashion show at this very little age.

Its about one and half year of Aashay being there. Initially, I kept Aashay there for a day care. I remember, the first day when I left Aashay , he was continuously crying and when I asked them if I can wait outside, they told me, he is now our responsibility, don’t worry, go home. And really after 15 days Aashay started enjoying his days with teachers and other children. He used to be happy to go there.

I would specifically like to mention that Tress house always kept a link between them and parents.  In his academic year of playgroup, they arranged the programs like mother-child sing along. We, all mothers were more excited at that time, than our kids. After that, I started signing the poems with actions at home, which is now a real enjoyment for Aashay. He likes poems very much as he spends lot of time with his books. Of course, credit goes to Tree house.

I would have never expected from my 2 years old child to wear his shoes by his own. But, he does. Whenever we go out, he wears it. He knows which side shoe will go in which leg. I would never expect him to speak in English. I want him to understand his mother tongue first. But he has learnt from the environment, his friends and teachers. He was expected to throw his toys everywhere and keep as it is whenever he is done. He throws, but when he done with playing, he keeps that again back to its place. I have experienced this in tree house only when I went to pick him up after school. He asked me to wait, he keeps his toys at their places and came to me.  All the above things, I never taught him. I know, he has learnt from the surroundings where he spends all his day.

I am sure, you may think that, he may lose his childhood by having some discipline at this stage. But what’s wrong when he is learning with lots of FUN and enjoying everything what he learns.  Tree house made it.

I really had a very good experience with treehouse as they really care for my child. They improved his eating habits by forcing me to keep changing his Tiffin with nutritional food.  We were quite doubtful to pay a big amount of fees the fees were three times than the other pre-schools. But now at the end of the year, we are very happy feeling worth of paying big amount.

This does not mean, Aashay is very good at all levels. He does lot of ‘Masti’.  He shouts at home, he never says sorry to anyone, he hardly gives batting to his baba while palying bat ball; so they fight, he took half an hr atleast to have a cup of milk and many things which always helps me a lot to lose my weight. But its ok, there must be something like this to feel a presence of a kid in your home.

I am very happy that my child has enjoyed his first school. God Bless you dear!!!


One comment on “A year of experience in Tree House

  1. 🙂 Nice…good to know Aashay is enjoying his school so much 🙂

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