Our Rajasthan tour…

Just coming back from the wonderful holidays with the family after a long time. We went to Rajasthan for a week and enjoyed a lot there.

We roamed in around 6 cities. Rajasthan is full of Havelis, Mahals, forts and museums.  All the mahals are full of decorative work and beautiful architecture. I liked Shish Mahal, Jaipur and Umaid Bhavan, Jodhpur the most.  Shish mahal is made of lots of small glasses. It is a mahal of Jodha (Jodha-Akbar).  The mahal also having a room which is fully made of the gold. You can see a beautiful work of gold at flooring, ceiling and everywhere in that area.

Umaid Bhavan is a haveli where still the generation of  king Umaid is leaving. There are 80 rooms in havieli out of which they made museam in 3 rooms and those are open to public. The havile having beautiful garden around. They have also kept king’s cars of old model which are still in working conditions. Once in a month, a mechanic comes from an England for its maintenance.

Camel ride was the most exciting thing we enjoyed at Jaisalmer.  We had almost 2 Km ride from our tent to desert area. There was a huge area of sand. We took a complete round of the full area. Aashay enjoyed like nothing on camel. He asked camel to run and he really enjoyed when camel was running.  He again forced us to take a ride at Udaipur, when he saw the camel on road as so we did.

Overall, Rajsthan is good but I recommend the visit of 4-5 days..nothing more than that. Because after that you may feel boar seeing those havelis and forts again and again. The season for the tour starts from October and ends at march. Also, I found, it has become very much commercial as so many foreigners visit the place every day.  They are charging lots of entry fees, extra money for cameras, different charges for Indians and foreigners etc. Anyway,

So now, I have been refreshed for the routine again and so on. Back to routine—back to work… 🙂


4 comments on “Our Rajasthan tour…

  1. Nice… 🙂

    Again what about food 🙂 ..they have nice variety of it..

    • Mostly Rajasthani people prefer vegitarian food. We booked all heritage hotels…so those are all vegitarian. Dal- bati is the main item in Rajasthani food. but i found it only in one hotel at jaisalmer. Rest almost everywhere else we found as usual punjabi dishesh. So, nothing excited about food there.

  2. and where are snaps ??

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