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My new learning

Even tough having a full tight schedule in the office now a days,  I am enjoying my work a lot. I am learning a complete new structure of web designing. Our boss suddenly declared that from now onwards all the sites will be designed and developed in liquid layouts and this is exactly what I was waiting for. ( for my colleague readers,  this does not mean that after learning this will say goodbye to my job.).

I, myself  was also fed up with the box layout and everyday same structure to develop. (Frankly,  I realized this  after started working on liquid layouts). Of course, readers who are not from the web background must not understand what I am talking about. But websites have become a part of our day to day life, hence,  will tell you about it in a very short and  simple language’ just for your information’.

There are 2 types of websites. Static websites and liquid websites. Static website which a has fix width and covers a fix portion of the screen. We can also call it as a box type websites. Where as liquid websites covers full screen irrespective of resolutions set for your pc. Simple examples are, facebook is a liquid layout. Design appears end to end at the screen. Where as yahoo.com is a box layout with fix width and covers fix portion of your screen.

Everyday, new trends are coming in the market. New coading, scripts, effects are hugely available on the internet. I google the information when time permits but still I feel there is many more to do. The latest news I got, that ipad, iphone, tablet do not support flash which is a very popular software in the market. But if these technology will not support it, what is the use of making websites in flash and giving some trendy animation into it. But immediately solutions have come up in the market. Jquery is replacing flash. Hope, I will get into it soon.

So, guys, these are some news from my profession. Hope I have increased a very little knowledge of you by sharing my new learning..



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