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My Creations…

Apart from being as a web designer/ developer, I like to do some graphic work also. Most of the time, In my family,  I give gifts customized by my designs.  Designing is my hobby and It gives immense pleasure to gift such things.  Have a look on some of my creations. I hope you will like it.

1. This is a greeting card I gave to Vinayak when I was leaving to Nasik for a long duration for Aashay’s delivery.  And the main thing is the short poem are written at the bottom is made from my own words. 🙂

Front page

Third page

Second Page








2. Aashay’s first birthday invitation card






3. A customized wall clock for karmarkar kaka : This is I gifted to one of our relative on his 61st birthday party. Bought a new plain wall clock and stick this picure on his frame from inside.





4. Gifted these mugs to Swapnil, my bro when he was shifting to Malaysia and Chinmay, my nephew on his birthday. One more mug I made for Nihar but the file is located at my Nasik’s PC. So, cant show here.




5. A visiting card for my sis’s business





6. This is a photo frame I gave to tai last year when we visited at her home.

Ruhi and Nihar








6.And this is my latest work. In dec 2011, I gifted a birthday calender 2012 to my mom-dad, tai and all my sis-in laws and kept for myself too. These images are aligned at top and the calender has been shown at bottom. I just provided these images and calender got printed in printer only 🙂

Front Page














One comment on “My Creations…

  1. hey..nice..BTW u r suppose to send me calender graphics 🙂

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