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Nature calling – Part 3

My next favorite destination is Singapore.  I never thought,  in my life I will see any other country than India. But tai went there, and now I had been there twice.

I did my first international journey alone to Singapore. First time I went there in Sept. 2005. My Aai was more worried than me as I went alone. But I reached safely.

Singapore is a south Asian country.  You find many south Indian people settled over there. So, Malay and Tamil languages are included as their national languages with English and Chinese.

Singapore doesn’t have fix seasons like india. You can feel hot summer in the afternoon and heavy rain fall in the evening. April and may are the hottest months. In timezone, Singapore clock runs 2 and half hour ahead from India.

2 things I must mention here about Singapore. Cleanliness and discipline. The city roads are very clean. The empty places at the both sides of the roads are either filled with grass (lawns) or footpaths. Hence, you can not see mud anywhere on the roads even in case of heavy rainfall. No garbage has been thrown on the roads or even in any public area. When you take your pet outside, you have to carry tissues to clean up his potty.

Sentosa and bird park are my most favorite places to see there.  You will need a complete one day to visit each one of this. Don’t miss song of the sea (musical water show) in sentosa. It’s like a lifetime experience.  You will really enjoy the dolphin show also. Bird park is full of beautiful and rare birds. The bird shows are out of your imagination. You can not even think how they train birds to perform in the shows in such a fantastic way.

Other than this, you can enjoy night safari, universal studio, Singapore lake, malls on orchid road and many other places.  This post will go sooooooo long if I start mentioning about all this and all about my favorite things in Singapore. So better, you plan your holidays there soon and let me know your experience.

Have a look on some of my photos:

Universal Studio

Feeding bird at bird park

Underwater world

Dolphin show

Night view from Marina Bay sands

Bird park

Marin bay sands at 31st dec night


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