Flop days…funny days

Today again, it reminds me, that those days which I want to make memorable getting listed in my flop days. I call it as funny experiences in life and today’s flop idea inspired me to write a blog post on it…this is again funny…anyway..

Today is vinayak’s birthday. I had kept a sweet greeting card below his cell phone. He always checks his cell first when he gets up in the morning. So I preferred to keep the card below his cell phone. And this is my first flop idea of the day. He looked at my card but checked his cell phone and facebook updates first before reading my card. 😦

Then I had ordered a big bouquet which is supposed to be received by 8 or 8.15am. But it did’t come. That ‘fool’ wala forgot and when I went to check with him, he said “aare mam, just sending”..i don’t want to tell you what was going in my mind at that time.

Then I thought to keep a bouquet in the car in the evening when he will leave from the office. So I called the driver and asked him to do accordingly. But flop idea no.3.  Baba had called him back to home as he wanted to go somewhere for work. Now, Vinayak will come either by office car or by an auto.  😦

Finally, I have decided not to think much on any further ideas (its not an easy job)…His gift will be pending and will give him something very nice…of course, that will not be expressed on blog…Don’t worry!!!  🙂

I wish him a very cheerful and enjoyable day ahead!!! Love you dear

Good Day!


2 comments on “Flop days…funny days

  1. ohhhhh…anyways .. so what was the final celebration ?

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