Education today…

Just, in last month I went through the admission procedure for Aashay’s next academic year, i.e. for nursery. And you won’t believe, but I met some parents who were doing research and development  on types of boards available today for education since last 6-8 months. Everybody, including me,  had question in mind that which board is suitable for my kid..SSC? because I passed from this board…ICSE? Because, his friends are taking admissions there…IB? Because I want him to be a smart and highly educated kid at this age…and questions were unsolved for the long time…

I was almost decided to take SSC board for Aashay…but when me and Ketki (my friend) had general discussion on this, she said that SSC board is diminishing now a days and yes, it’s true. Schools are shifting from SSC to other boards. So again, I started thinking about it. Sharing some information with you which may help you to easily come out from such situation.

  1. Less students in one class of ICSE, so they get personal attention from teachers plus there’s more emphasis on extra-curricular activities which keeps them busy and happy.
  2. State board sometimes may have problems in exam papers , errors in syllabus  book etc. As per the information I found on internet, in 2004, books arrived three months late, when most schools had completed the first semester.
  3. SSC board is more concern and stick to syllabus books only where ICSE having more project work also which helps your kid to experience the world out of the books also.

Yes, fee structure is higher in ICSC but have you thought, if today, SSC board is moving back, what will be the situation of this board when your kid will be in 9th or 10th std?  Yes, ICSC is tougher than SSC, but then how long you want your child will have an easy and smooth life? Somewhere, someday he should learn to face the toughest situation and should be able to find out his own way.

All these things finalized Aashay’s future and I chose ICSC board for his next academic years. I am sure he will have a bright future in all the way of life..

God bless you dear!!


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