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Beginning of the new year…

First of all, wish you a great beginning of the new year…

My new year has been started very energetic and cheerful…got refreshed by the 31st night out with friends and now again new hopes and expectation from the life. First 2 days of this year are going exactly as expected.

On the very first day, I got first enquiry for my individual project. I don’t know how successfully it will work out but at least something started and I am very excited about it.

I posted my first animated card on facebook which has unexpectedly got 13 likes, 1 comment and 1 share too. I am very thankful to Pradnya ( my roommate in Dadar before marriage) for sharing it. Its very great feeling to see that people are liking and sharing your creation.

Aashay’s vocabulary of sentences seems to be increasing in last 2 days. Now he speaks around 10 sentences of his routine. So enjoying his ‘Todaka Modaka’ Marathi.

So this is the beginning of my new year…hope you people also started as expected…

Have a nice day!!!


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